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Systems and solutions for In Store media: mediaSync

In Store media service providing

Technological solutions that can be integrated on third-party platforms, to provide System Integrators, Telcos and Publishers with the best tools for managing multimedia in points of sale. Tailoradio has a constantly growing technical and IT department, first and second level help desk dedicated 24/7 with qualified technicians, installation and design of audio/video systems and People Counting and Collaboration solutions. 100% reliability, with the certainty of finding in a single partner all the answers for effective and economical management of in-store communication, from the design, supply and installation of audio/video systems to the production of audio and audiovisual materials.


mediaSync  Techonology

Thanks to proprietary software and hardware, it is possible to manage audio and video in the points of sale in a professional, reliable and economical way, with point-to-point customization. MediaSync PRO is the microPC designed by Tailoradio for in-store multimedia management. Case made of eco-sustainable material, very small dimensions and easy installation in every area of the shop, from the cash desk to the rear monitor. Each microPC is connected via VPN for constant monitoring of the operating status and remote interventions, with 48-hour swap in case of need for replacement.

stereoMOOD is the platform dedicated to the best in-store background music & radio experience, compatible with any system (Sonos, Ios, Android, Mac and PC) and equipped with the Track LOUD! normalization system: optimized diffusion in Public Address systems, for maximum listening homogeneity and unprecedented sound pressure.

VideoMOOD is Tailoradio's proprietary platform for Digital Signage. Integrated with advanced DAMs, proximity services, queue management and in-store traffic analytics, it is a scalable and incredibly easy-to-use solution, ideal for in-store video distribution and playback.


Products entirely Made in Italy, designed and manufactured by Tailoradio, aim to offer durable, modular solutions with a modern and functional design. They are also designed to optimize network deployment costs to the fullest.
The TOTEM lineup features self-supporting solutions with 43" (technical data sheet), 50” or 55” (technical data sheet), monitors, both touch and non-touch options. These can be integrated with a column module for peripherals such as QR code readers, NFC readers, thermal printers, and unattended POS systems.

The KIOSK TR-T24-I (technical data sheet) is a kiosk with vibration protection, designed for integration and self-service applications. Available in both floor-standing with a pedestal and wall-mounted versions, it can be integrated with additional peripherals (QR code reader, NFC reader, thermal printer, and unattended POS).

Additionally, the brand-new outdoor digital board (technical data sheet) with a 21" touch monitor is available in both floor-standing and wall-mounted versions.


Digital Collaboration

We design spaces optimized for Digital Collaboration and Unified Communication with solutions for Video Conference, Presentation, Collaboration and Interaction.
We install the best technology on the market, with design and installation always included, throughout Italy.