Radio In Store


Every day, thousands of customers do their shopping on the rhythm of Tailoradio’s in store radios. Every channel is different, with original playlists customized by store and great sound on any In Store audio system! Thanks to Tailoradio you’ll discover that in store radios are not all the same!

stereoMOOD the best music mood for your business

stereoMOOD is the Tailoradio platform for the management of In Store Radio projects.
A legal solution for listening and managing music in stores, that can be installed on all the main devices available on the market or activated on our media player.
Easy-to-use and performing: our music curators can create your custom Radio or you can choose from a series of music moods designed for In Store entertainment, always updated and customizable with jingles, messages and commercials. Thanks to the cloud dashboard, everything is always under control.



Exclusive formats, original playlists constantly updated to match the time slot and day of the week. Tailoradio sounds different!

Sales Effectiveness

Customized commercials for each store, programs dedicated to the employees, commercial and editorial content created with professional speakers, and background music produced by selected musicians.


Proprietary hardware mediaSync by TR + System integrations + dedicated 24/7 help desk with qualified technical support + audio system design and installation = 100% reliability!